Mike Marolt and his twin brother, Steve, were just twelve when they took to heart the famous quote by notable mountaineer W. H Tilman “Just put on your boots and go!” Since that moment, their passion has been focused on climbing and skiing mountainside peaks. They focused on mind perseverance and physical training to transform into two of the most elite ski mountaineers in history.

In a How-To Guide based on mountaineering, perseverance and mastering success, Mike shares exciting tales of adventurous accomplishments: he and his brother and Jim Gile became the first Americans to ski from one of the world’s fourteen, eight-thousand-meter peaks; the first Americans to attain multiple, eight-thousand-meter ski descents while skiing the sixth highest peak; and the first American to ski the North Ridge of Mount Everest. In sharing their stories, Mike illustrates how to find a passion and cultivate it, while focusing on the process of natural progression, not the objective, to realize success and true contentment in life.

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