In May 2000, a small team of Aspen, Colorado-based sportsmen set out to climb and ski one of the world’s highest peaks. Shishapangma, Skiing the Highline: The Account of the First American Ski Descent from an 8000-Meter Peak is the gripping true story of determination and grit in which author Mike Marolt recounts pushing the edge of extreme sports with his twin, Steve, and lifelong buddy Jim Gile. Together, they reached the pinnacle of their progression from childhood climbing and skiing to conquering the highest peaks in the world. In Shishapangma, Skiing the Highline, the mountaineering trio overcome overwhelming odds and threats to their own well-being as they successfully climb and ski Shishipangma, the fourteenth-highest mountain in the world, in what would lay the foundation for a trio that became arguably the most accomplished high altitude skiers in history.